Patent Number: 6,305,716

Title: Printed sheet products and methods of making

Abstract: Printed sheet products comprise a thin, flexible core having a pair ofprintable, opposing major planar sides. A set of variable data fields areprinted on at least a first side of the core of each individual sheetproduct in bar format, character format, or both. At least two or more ofthe variable data fields of each set are printed with a numeric codeunique to the set and individual sheet product. Each set of variable datafields may include another data field printed with either a name andmailing address or other, information uniquely associated with thatnumeric code or with locations to manually receive that data. Eachindividual sheet product is scored to at least define a plurality ofremovable elements, at least one of the elements containing a variabledata field from the set printed on the individual sheet product. Eachindividual sheet product further includes at least one redeemable coupondefined by scoring to be removable from the remainder of the product. Eachindividual sheet product may also further define a removable label bearingone of the printed code fields and a layer of an exposable adhesive.

Inventors: Warther; Richard O. (West Chester, PA), Abbott; Paul Jonathan (Exton, PA), Steen, Jr.; C. Raymond (Chester Springs, PA)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013