Patent Number: 6,305,717

Title: Self laminating clean release card

Abstract: A business form, from which a laminated card may be formed, is produced by spot coating silicone-release material on the back of the web or sheet which forms the business form, covering slightly more than a card-sized area, and then applying a clean release material to the back of the web or sheet covering the coating of silicone release material and another area from which a card may be die cut. The back may be imaged before application of the clean release material, and the face of the laminated card to be formed is imaged with variable (and perhaps non-variable) indicia, e.g., by a laser printer. The clean release material is die cut through the adhesive and clear plastic layers, but not the baseliner. To form the laminated card, the second card is removed, exposing the pressure sensitive adhesive of the clean release material underlying it, the first card is folded over to release from the baseliner underlying it and to bring its imaged face into contact with the exposed adhesive, and the laminated front and back first card is peeled away from the baseliner that underlied the second card.

Inventors: Chess; Stanley C. (Goffstown, NH)

Assignee: Moore North America, Inc.

International Classification: B42D 15/10 (20060101); B42D 015/00 ()

Expiration Date: 10/23/2018