Patent Number: 6,305,721

Title: Plug-in coupling for pressure application systems

Abstract: A plug-in coupling for pressure application systems, including a receivingcomponent, a connector component with a connecting shaft, an expandingcylinder supported on the connecting shaft between a radial step and alimit stop, and a spring unit initially supported on the expandingcylinder. The receiving component defines an opening and has a holdingelement, which is biased in a closed position and movable to an openedposition.The connecting shaft of the connector component can be inserted into theopening of the receiving component along an insertion direction therebyengaging the radial step with the holding element to prevent loosening ofthe connector component from the receiving component. In this position,the expanding cylinder is located between the spring unit and the limitstop. The spring unit can be guided over the expanding cylinder in adirection opposite the insertion direction and the expanding cylinder canbe moved along the insertion direction thereby disengaging the radial stepfrom the holding element to allow release of the connector component fromthe receiving component.

Inventors: Heinrichs; Gundolf (Altena, DE), Berg; Manfred (Wipperfurth, DE)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013