Patent Number: 6,305,735

Title: Displaceable folding top for a motor vehicle

Abstract: A displaceable folding top for a motor vehicle has a folding top cover material that is held to a folding top rod system, and has a plurality of articulated rod parts. Furthermore, in the area of a vehicle side, a main hoop is arranged, which is swivel mounted to the motor vehicle and to which a sealing element is coupled. To provide a folding top that takes little space in its deposited position, and that has a high seal tightness and a long service life, the sealing element is held on a separately formed sealing frame swivelably mounted on the motor vehicle. The swiveling axes of the sealing frame and the main hoop are spaced from each other in at least one position of the folding top, and the sealing frame is displaceably coupled with the main hoop via displacement kinematics.

Inventors: Neubrand; Frank (West Bloomfield, MI)

Assignee: CTS Fahrzeug-Dachsysteme GmbH

International Classification: B60J 7/08 (20060101); B60J 7/12 (20060101); B60J 007/12 ()

Expiration Date: 10/23/2018