Patent Number: 6,305,736

Title: Automotive vehicle automotive front door moving structure and automotivefront door window glass lowering structure

Abstract: An automotive vehicle in which a door hinge 64 of a front door 15 canforcibly be moved transversely outwardly of the vehicle, the automotivevehicle comprising an acceleration sensor 57 for detecting an impactapplied to a front pillar and a door moving mechanism 52 for forciblymoving the door hinge 64 transversely outwardly of the vehicle, wherebythe front door 15 is constructed to be moved transversely outwardly of thevehicle. In the event that an impact is applied to a front pillar, a frontdoor can forcibly be moved transversely outwardly of an automotive vehicleon a side where the door hinge is provided, and in a case where the hingeis disposed in the vicinity of the front pillar, the transversely outwardmovement of the front door can be made large, whereby the interference ofthe front pillar with the front door can positively be prevented.Consequently, since the deformation of the front pillar cannot beprevented, the impact applied to the front pillar can effectively beabsorbed and reduced.

Inventors: Enomoto; Kouji (Saitama, JP), Yoshida; Suguru (Saitama, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013