Patent Number: 6,305,749

Title: Headrest

Abstract: A headrest for supportably engaging a person's head at rest tosubstantially inhibit neck strain is disclosed. In one embodiment, theheadrest includes a center portion for supporting a neck portion of aperson's head and first and second wing portions for supporting first andsecond side portions, respectively, of the person's head, and paddingcovering at least a portion of the center portion and the first and secondwing portions. In another embodiment, the center portion is locateddistally relative to the first and second wing portions, and is adapted tofrictionally and/or abuttingly engage the back surface of a seatback toreleasably secure the headrest to a seatback. In this embodiment, theheadrest includes substantially U-shaped first and second intermediateportions extending between the first and second wing portions and firstand second end portions of the center portion, respectively, for pinchingor compressively engaging front and back surfaces of an upper portion ofthe seatback.

Inventors: O'Connor; Richard W. (San Francisco, CA), Steuer; Brian H. (Menlo Park, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013