Patent Number: 6,305,751

Title: Chair

Abstract: A chair (1), preferably of the type adapted for use by handicapped persons,comprising a seat (2), a back rest (3), a chair frame (4) supporting theseat (2) and the back rest (3) and arm rests (7) attached to the lateralor bottom portions (6) of the seat (2). The seat has a profile of normalthickness at the front but, at the rear, at the back rest (3), the seathas a depressed oval-shaped area (10) to match the anatomic shape of aseated human to permit the pelvis of the user to be received lower andmore to the rear on the seat (2). Further, the underside of the back restis curved upwardly. The sitting person is prevented from sliding forwardsand the comfort of the seat (2) is increased.

Inventors: Engstrom; Bengt (Stockholm, SE)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013