Patent Number: 6,305,754

Title: Tunnel excavator with S-shaped soil plate

Abstract: A tunnel excavator includes a pair of cutters arranged side by side at afront portion of a tunnel excavator main body. These cutters rotate inopposite directions for excavating the earth to form excavation and forcausing the excavated earth to move toward a center area between the pairof cutters. The tunnel excavator further includes a screw cutter extendinghorizontally in a width direction of the tunnel excavator behind the pairof cutters at a lower level. The screw cutter has a pair of flightsspiraling in opposite directions toward the center from opposite ends ofthe screw cutter for gathering the excavated earth to the center of thescrew cutter. A soil plate generally extends along and behind the screwcutter and pushes the excavated earth as the tunnel excavator advances,but the soil plate has an outlet at a lower center area thereof forallowing the excavated earth to pass therethrough. A conveyor is providedbehind the soil plate outlet.

Inventors: Uehara; Toshiaki (Yachiyo, JP), Miki; Takanobu (Chita-gun, JP), Ishino; Tomofumi (Chita, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013