Patent Number: 6,305,765

Title: Apparatus for opening and closing slide door for control box

Abstract: A slide opening and closing door apparatus for a control box is provided,in which a cover portion of a slide door opens and closes an exposedbutton portion of the control box which is located in the substantiallysame vertical surface as that of a front panel. The control box slideopening and closing door apparatus includes a guide unit in which avertically elongate hole is formed in an inner wall of each side of thecontrol box, a door member which moves up and down along the guide unit inorder to open and close the upper portion of the control box, and a powertransmission unit for transmitting power to the door member. In thismanner, the door which is transferred by the driving of the electric motorascends and descends in the control box, to thereby cover a button portionin the control box appropriately.

Inventors: Park; Jae-Hoo (Suwon, KR)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013