Patent Number: 6,305,772

Title: Angled air impingment system for document control

Abstract: A document-endorse arrangement has a document transport mechanism whereindocuments are advanced down a track past one or more print stations wherea jet-print nozzle array projects an ink stream to the document. One ormore angled air streams arise from the track. Each air stream is directeddownstream of the track at an acute angle of approximately 20 degrees withrespect to the track. At least one of the airstreams is upstream of thenozzles and is adapted to pneumatically float each document past thenozzles so as to maintain a prescribed gap between the document and boththe track and nozzles. This inhibits contamination of the nozzle fromsurplus ink and dust.

Inventors: Berkoben; Kenneth Richard (Plymouth, MI), Childress; Robert Doldon (Livonia, MI), Hutson; Sammy Cline (West Bloomfield, MI), Lohrmann; Carl Raymond (Canton, MI), Rourke; Robert Timothy (Troy, MI), Upton; Ronald Lynn (Brighton, MI)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013