Patent Number: 6,305,777

Title: Apparatus and method for measurement of a liquid droplet

Abstract: An apparatus for measuring the characteristics of a droplet of a liquid,such as a droplet of ink, includes a laser for generating and projecting abeam of light along a path. The beam is directed into a photodetector,such as a photodiode, which detects the amount of light provided by thebeam and provides an electrical signal corresponding to the amount oflight detected. Adjacent the output end of the laser are lenses whichfocus the beam of light at a focal point and form the beam into a sheet atthe focal point. An ink jet head is adjacent the path of the beam at thefocal point. The ink jet head projects a droplet of ink to and through thesheet portion of the beam so as to change the amount of light detected bythe photodetector. From the electrical signal output of the photodetectorvarious characteristics of the droplet can be determined, such as thesize, shaped and velocity of the droplet.

Inventors: Lee; Tzong-Shyng (Plainsboro, NJ)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013