Patent Number: 6,305,788

Title: Liquid ejection device

Abstract: A liquid ejection device comprising a nozzle chamber, an ejection paddlelocated within the nozzle chamber for ejecting liquid from the nozzlechamber though an aperture in one wall of the nozzle chamber when thepaddle is moved from a first state into an ejection state, a liquid supplyport arranged in a manner such that it is substantially closed by thepaddle when the paddle is in the first state, and wherein the nozzlechamber comprises an internal protrusion on a wall structure thereof whichis aligned closely adjacent to a rim of the paddle when the paddle is inthe first state, and wherein, in the ejection state, at least a portion ofthe rim of the paddle is spaced apart from the protrusion, thereby forminga liquid refill channel defined between the wall structure and the portionof the rim of the paddle.

Inventors: Silverbrook; Kia (Balmain, AU)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013