Patent Number: 6,305,790

Title: Fully integrated thermal inkjet printhead having multiple ink feed holesper nozzle

Abstract: Described herein is a monolithic printhead formed using integrated circuittechniques. Thin film layers, including ink ejection elements, are formedon a top surface of a silicon substrate. The various layers are etched toprovide conductive leads to the ink ejection elements. At least one inkfeed hole is formed through the thin film layers for each ink ejectionchamber. In one embodiment, there are more ink feed holes than inkejection chambers, so that more than one ink feed hole provides ink toeach ink ejection chamber. A trench is etched in the bottom surface of thesubstrate so that ink can flow into the trench and into each ink ejectionchamber through the ink feed holes formed in the thin film layers. Anorifice layer is formed on the top surface of the thin film layers todefine the nozzles and ink ejection chambers.

Inventors: Kawamura; Naoto A. (Corvallis, OR), Davis; Colin C. (Corvallis, OR), Weber; Timothy L. (Corvallis, OR), Trueba; Kenneth E. (Philoma, OR), Harmon; John Paul (Albany, OR), Thomas; David R. (Corvallis, OR)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013