Patent Number: 6,305,799

Title: Pen for receiving eyeglasses

Abstract: A pen for receiving a pair of eyeglasses includes a casing and a writingtip. The casing includes an elongated first casing half and a secondcasing half. The first casing half defines an interior chamber adapted toreceive a pair of eyeglasses therein, and has a front end, a rear end, andan opening that is formed between the front and rear ends, and that isadapted to permit movement of the eyeglasses into the interior chambertherethrough. The second casing half has a mounting side mounted pivotallyon the first casing half between the front and rear ends, and a free sideresting on the first casing half so that the second casing half covers theopening in the first casing half. The free side is rotatable away from theopening so as to be adapted to permit passage of the eyeglasses throughthe opening, and is retained releaseably on the first casing half. Thewriting tip is attached to the front end of the first casing half.

Inventors: Chao; David (Towson, MD)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013