Patent Number: 6,305,801

Title: Contact lens with filtering for outdoor sporting and recreationalactivities

Abstract: A contact lens has at least one optical filter region that can besurrounded by a clear optical region. The one or more filter regions havea diameter such that an increasing percentage of visible light istransmitted to the pupil of the eye as lighting conditions change fromhigh-intensity lighting environments to low-intensity lightingenvironments. The cooperation between the changing pupil and lens providesan automatic adjustment of light intensity perceived by the wearer inresponse to the changing light conditions. Different filteringcharacteristics are provided in the filter regions to enhance perceptionof light corresponding to light reflected by an object or background sceneused in outdoor sporting and recreational activities, while attenuatingother reflected light.

Inventors: Kerns, Jr.; David V. (Waltham, MA), Moore; J. Paul (Leawood, KS)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013