Patent Number: 6,305,804

Title: Non-invasive measurement of blood component using retinal imaging

Abstract: Illuminating light of selected wavelengths in the visible or infrared rangeis projected through the pupil of the eye onto the fundus, and the lightreflected back and out through the pupil is detected and analyzed,preferably using the area of the optic disk for analyzing the retinalvessels overlying the optic disk. Specific wavelengths of illuminatinglight may be chosen for each blood component to be analyzed depending onthe spectral characteristics of the substance being analyzed. Thereflected image from the retina may be used to measure non-photoreactiveblood components such as hemoglobin, and photoreactive components such asbilirubin. For the measurement of photoreactive components, images may betaken before and after, or during, illumination of the eye with light atwavelengths which will affect the photoreactive analyte, enablingmeasurements of the concentration of the analyte.

Inventors: Rice; Mark J. (Johnson City, TN), Sweat, Jr.; Robert H. (Lexington, KY), Rioux; James M. (Lexington, KY), Williams; William T. (Jonesborough, TN), Routt; Wilson (Lexington, KY)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013