Patent Number: 6,305,814

Title: Keyhole lighting fixture

Abstract: An improved apparatus for illuminating keyholes comprised of an annular top housing made of rigid material, having recessed and through holes, and a recessed oval pocket having within two through holes. Top housing (12) is slidably over an annular bottom housing (30) made of the same material as top housing (12), also having recessed and through holes. A printed circuit board (40) having transistor (52), resistor (54), and male power connector (64), mounted and soldered directly on its surface, is housed and affixed within top housing (12), by screw (46), plastic spacer (44), and nut (48). A photoresistor (56) is housed within a pocket (20) and located on top housing (12), its two leads are inserted through two holes (22), located within pocket (20), and soldered directly to printed circuit board (40). A light emitting diode (58), positioned a predetermined distance below a keyhole, and having its two leads soldered to printed circuit board (40), is also housed within top housing (12). Battery (60), housed within top housing (12), provides power to printed circuit board (40) by plugging a female connector (66) into a male connector (64). An electronic circuit (50), powered by battery (60), controls and switches "ON" light emitting diode (58) to illuminate a keyhole from dusk to dawn. One through hole (26), located on opposite sides of top housing (12), and one tapped through hole (36), on opposite sides of bottom housing (30), facilitates insertion of a 2-56 screw (46) on each side to secure top housing (12), which is mounted over bottom housing (30), firmly in place.

Inventors: Giamas; William (Cambridge, MA)


International Classification: E05B 17/10 (20060101); E05B 17/00 (20060101); E05B 015/08 ()

Expiration Date: 10/23/2018