Patent Number: 6,305,820

Title: Telescopic lantern

Abstract: A lantern, which is telescopic, floatable and waterproof, includes a base1, a telescopic shade 2, a decorative cover 3, a top cover 4, a handle 5,a waterproof ring 6, a socket support 7, a spring 8, a connecting ring 9,characterized in that the telescopic structure of the telescopic shade 2is such that it has vent hole 2-6, and spring 8, and the electric circuitswitch is a contact switch so that when the telescopic shade 2 rises up toa level that the circuit on the socket support 7 contacts the underside ofthe upper cap of the base 1, the circuit is switched on and the lantern islighted, and when the telescopic shade 2 is pressed downward and thesocket support 7 is separated from the upper cap of the base 1, thelantern is turned off. The waterproof ring 6 is provided in the recess ofthe outside of the lower part of the telescopic shade 2 so that thelantern is telescopic, floatable and waterproof. The present lantern has abeautiful appearance, a compact structure and a wide use.

Inventors: Poon; Tit Wing (Shatin, HK)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013