Patent Number: 6,305,856

Title: Printing method and apparatus therefor

Abstract: There is disclosed a method and an apparatus of printing an image in arectangular recording area on a recording material by a printing head asthe recording material is advanced in a sub scan direction perpendicularto a main scan direction of the printing head. The printing head has awider main scanning range than a width of the recording area. On side edgeof the advancing recording medium is detected at two points to determinepositions in the main scan direction of the two side edge points. Based onthe positions of the side edge points, an inclination of the recordingmedium to the sub scan direction as well as positions of four cornerpoints of the recording area in the main and sub scan direction relativeto a center point of the main scanning range are determined. Based on therelative positions of the four corner points, a sub scanning range of theprinting head that corresponds to a length of the recording material to beadvanced for recording one image is determined, such that a scanning areadefined by the main and sub scanning ranges covers the recording area.Then, print data is produced from image data of an image to print andblank data, such that the print data corresponds in size to the scanningarea and includes the image data in a location corresponding to a locationof the recording area within the scanning area. The blank data isallocated to other locations of the print data so no pixel is recordedoutside the recording area.

Inventors: Miyazaki; Takao (Saitama, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013