Patent Number: 6,305,858

Title: Multi-color printing device having ink and laser printing units

Abstract: The invention relates to a sheet-fed printing press which includes at leastone high performance printing unit, especially a laser printing unit, andseveral ink jet printing units which are each situated on one of severalparallel sheet conveying channels. The sheet conveying channels beingconnected to a shared input channel on the input side via sheet guides andto several sheet temporary storage devices on the output side. The sheettemporary storage devices are connected in turn to a shared sheet outputchannel on the output side. The at least one high-performance printingunit is connected to the shared sheet input channel of the ink jetprinting units or to the shared sheet output channel of the sheettemporary storage device. The inventive sheet-fed printing press enablequick, problem-free and economical multicolor printing and is simple andeconomical to produce.

Inventors: Mugrauer; Hubert (Zorneding, DE)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013