Patent Number: 6,305,864

Title: Writing implement support system

Abstract: A writing implement support system for releasably positioning a writingimplement with respect to a recipient surface comprises a suction cup thathas a generally hemispherical shape. The suction cup is configured to becompressed against a generally flat recipient surface. The compressionforms a first bond having a holding force of an intermediate magnitude. Aconnector is located on the outer convex surface of the suction cup. Awriting implement has a writing end and a non-writing end. A writingimplement cap is configured to form a second bond with the writingimplement. The second bond has a holding force of a weak magnitude. Thecap is also configured to form a third bond with the connector. The thirdbond has a holding force of a strong magnitude.

Inventors: Nguyen; Michael H. (St. Petersburg, FL)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013