Patent Number: 6,305,879

Title: Continuous ditch excavator

Abstract: A continuous ditch excavator including a chassis having a forward portion and a rear portion, first and second motive devices carried by the chassis in laterally spaced-apart relation to each other for cooperatively driving the chassis along a ground surface, the first and second motive devices defining a centrally-disposed excavation work area therebetween, and an excavating auger mounted on the chassis in the excavation work area forwardly of the rear portion of the chassis and rearwardly of the forward portion of the chassis for penetrating and excavating a ditch in the ground as the chassis is driven along the ground, said auger defining a pivot point about which the first and second motive devices are adapted to rotate the chassis to control the direction of ditch excavation. The excavator also includes a motor for driving the first and second motive devices and rotating the auger, and control devices for controlling the excavator, whereby rotating the chassis about the pivot point defined by the auger permits changes in the direction of ditch excavation in correlation with the change in direction of the chassis.

Inventors: Greenwood; Todd H. (Mount Airy, NC)


International Classification: E02F 5/10 (20060101); E02F 005/04 ()

Expiration Date: 10/23/2018