Patent Number: 6,305,886

Title: Drill guide fixture for drilling, to open, disc padlocks, rectangular padlocks, door knobs and lever locks

Abstract: A drill guide fixture (12) and method are provided for drilling door locks and padlocks of various configurations and sizes. The drill guide fixture (12) has a guide jaw (16), a latch jaw (18) and a guide arm (20), which are secured together with a latch bolt (22) and a guide bolt (24). The guide arm (20) is of an elongated shape having a longitudinally extending slot in a central portion thereof for securing with the guide bolt (24) to one of the guide jaw (16) and the latch jaw (18). The guide jaw (16) and the latch jaw (18) each have a v-shaped notch (72, 74), in each of which scalloped-shaped recesses (76, 78, 80, 82) are formed to aid in clamping the guide and latch jaws (16, 18) to door knobs and round shaped locks. A drill guide hole (54) is formed through the guide arm (20), spaced apart from the longitudinally extending slot (66), for aligning with a cylinder (50) and guiding a drill (56) into the tumbler pins (192) of the cylinder (50). Some padlocks (132) have a screw (140) holding a cylinder (138) to the padlock body (136), such that the screw (140) may be drilled to release the cylinder (138) so that it may be removed from within the padlock body (136) for re-keying rather than drilling out the tumbler pins. For such padlocks (132), a second drill guide hole (52) extends through the guide jaw (16) for guiding a drill (84) into the body (136) of the padlock (132) to sever the screw (140) holding the cylinder (138) to the padlock body (136). The drill hole (148) formed into the body (136) may be sealed by threading the drill hole (148), installing a screw (158), and then removing the head (160) from the screw (158).

Inventors: Womack; Robert C. (Dallas, TX)


International Classification: B23B 47/28 (20060101); B23B 47/00 (20060101); B23B 049/00 ()

Expiration Date: 10/23/2018