Patent Number: 6,305,888

Title: T-nut with indented leading and trailing edge flanges

Abstract: A T-Nut having a generally tubular barrel with an interior female thread and a flange with prongs bent to embed in a work piece, and in which the flange has planar sides to ride in a feed guide, and has end edges on the flange, at the leading and trailing edges of the flange, which end edges can contact respective end edges on leading and trailing T-Nuts within the feed, a generally median U-shaped depression formed in each of the leading and trailing edges and, generally arcuate recesses formed in each of the edge flange, on either side of the U-shaped depression.

Inventors: Leistner; Herbert E. (late of Toronto, CA)

Assignee: Sigma Tool & Machine

International Classification: F16B 27/00 (20060101); F16B 37/04 (20060101); F16B 037/00 (); F16B 037/04 ()

Expiration Date: 10/23/2018