Patent Number: 6,305,894

Title: Round bale transport device

Abstract: A hay bale carrier has a horizontal U-shaped wheel supported frame. Theframe is comprised of separate parallel arms, with the arms beingconnected by a forward cross beam. A hollow tongue extends forwardly fromthe frame and has an elongated tongue member slidably mounted therein withits forward end protruding from the forward end of the tongue. A poststructure is pivotally secured to the cross beam and has at least one balepenetrating bar secured thereto and extending in a rearward direction. Afirst pulley is located on the upper end of the post structure, a secondpulley is located on the forward end of the tongue, and a third pulley islocated rearwardly of the tongue. An elongated cable has one end securedto the tongue and is thence threadable about the first, second and thirdcables with a second end secured to the tongue member.

Inventors: Dearborn; Mark K. (Bloomfield, IA)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013