Patent Number: 6,305,895

Title: Transfer system for vacuum process equipment

Abstract: A transfer system 7 for carrying a wafer W into/out of a process chamber 4is provided in a box 10 defining a load-lock chamber 3. The box 10 isdivided into a first chamber 11 and a second chamber 12. A transfer arm 21for carrying the wafer W is provided in the first chamber 11. A linearlymoving system 14 for linearly moving the transfer arm 21 is provided inthe second chamber 12. The internal pressure in the first chamber is setto be higher than the internal pressure in the second chamber.

Inventors: Ozawa; Jun (Yamanashi-Ken, JP), Hirose; Jun (Yamanashi-Ken, JP), Hirose; Eiji (Yamanashi-Ken, JP), Ohara; Makoto (Urayasu, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013