Patent Number: 6,305,898

Title: Wafer transfer mechanism

Abstract: A transfer mechanism is provided for placing a wafer at a prescribedposition on an arm without any additional step. The transfer mechanism fortransferring a workpiece into and from a storage section comprises an armmember for holding a workpiece having a projection which can be contactedwith an edge of the workpiece at the tip end portion thereof, a movementmechanism for reciprocating the arm member between a retracted and anextended positions while holding the workpiece thereon to transfer theworkpiece to and from the storage section, and a positioning member whichis positioned in the vicinity of the arm member and can be contacted withthe edge of the workpiece for positioning the held workpiece in aprescribed position on the arm member. When the arm member is moved to theretracted position by the movement mechanism, the positioning member comesinto contact with the edge of the workpiece held on the arm member toblock only the movement of workpiece, thereby placing it in a prescribedlocation on the arm member.

Inventors: Yamagishi; Takayuki (Tama, JP), Suwada; Masaei (Tama, JP), Furukawara; Kazunori (Tama, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013