Patent Number: 6,305,900

Title: Non-corrosive regenerative fuel pump housing with double seal design

Abstract: A non-corrosive fuel pump housing (36) that can be used in high-pressureapplications and with aggressive or flex fuels. The fuel pump housing (36)is comprised of a pump cover (40) and pump body (38). The pump cover (40)and pump body (38) each have a narrow seal ring (101, 104), a cavitycircle (103, 106), and a tapered seal ring (102, 105) extending radiallyfrom the narrow seal ring (101, 104) to the cavity circle (103, 106) thatreduce friction between the impeller (34) and pump housing (36) and limitleakage between the impeller (34) and the pump housing (36). The pumphousing (36) is composed of a thermosetting or thermoplastic material; assuch material and manufacturing costs are less than traditional anodizedaluminum pump housings.

Inventors: Yu; DeQuan (Ann Arbor, MI)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013