Patent Number: 6,305,904

Title: Coolable component

Abstract: Pins (23) consisting of a material having high thermal conductivity areintroduced, alternately with blow-out orifices (22) for a coolant (9),into the material, to be cooled, of a component (141), in such a way thatsaid pins project out of the component on the cooling side (12) of thelatter. These pins are cooled in the region which projects out of thecomponent whilst heat is supplied to them in the region which is embeddedin the component. The alternating arrangement with blow-out orificesensures that the flow (7) passes around the pins. This point is importantparticularly when the pins are arranged in a narrow gap, such as occursespecially in the cooling of the trailing edges of gas turbine blades. Thenecessary number of blow-out orifices and therefore the coolantconsumption is reduced.

Inventors: Weigand; Bernhard (Filderstadt-Sielmingen, DE), Semmler; Klaus (Lauchringen, DE)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013