Patent Number: 6,305,908

Title: Infusion pump extruded metal housing with elastomeric end caps

Abstract: A housing for a medicinal pump, which is sealed to prevent damage due toexposure of the housing to water or other liquids. The housing includes anextruded case in which the various components comprising the pump areenclosed. The ends of the extruded case are sealed by a top cap and abottom cap that are overnolded with an elastomeric material. Theelastomeric material seals the top and bottom caps against the extrudedcase and provides shock resistance to protect the pump from damage. Anopen side of the pump is sealed with a pump chassis that supports a pumpcassette used to infuse medicinal fluids into a patient. A bezel assemblyon the front surface of the pump is adhesively attached thereto using adouble-sided adhesive sheet. The double sided adhesive sheet seals theopenings for a display and a keypad formed in the front surface of theextruded case.

Inventors: Hermann; Robert A. (Chula Vista, CA), Lawless; Michael W. (Poway, CA), Soberon; Peter A. (San Diego, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013