Patent Number: 6,305,911

Title: Device and process intended for two-phase compression of a gas soluble in asolvent

Abstract: The invention is a two-phase compression device and a process whichprovides energy to fluids including an essentially liquid fluid and anessentially gaseous fluid or a fluid having a liquid phase and a gasphase, at least one of the fluids or phases being miscible in at least oneother of the fluids or phases which allows mixing of the fluids or phases.A device in accordance with the invention includes at least one two-phasecompression element having at least one inlet stage and at least oneoutlet stage, each one of the stages having an impeller and a diffuser,which mixes the essentially liquid fluid and the essentially gaseous fluidor the phases and which provides energy to each of the essentially liquidand gaseous fluids or phases with the mixture provided from the at leastone two-phase compression element being a pressurized liquid oressentially a pressurized liquid.

Inventors: Charron; Yves (Longpont sur Orge, FR)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013