Patent Number: 6,305,912

Title: Refrigerant compressor and method for assembling

Abstract: The invention concerns a refrigerant compressor with a cylinder block (1),a valve plate (4), a pipe connectable or connected with a suction muffler,a cover (2) covering the valve plate (4), a first sealing (3) betweencover and valve plate and a second sealing (5) between valve plate andcylinder block.On assembling the refrigerant compressor it should be provided that theflow resistance of the suction gas is reduced as much as possible.For this purpose, each of the following pairs of members, cover (2) andpipe (29), pipe (29) and valve plate (4) and valve plate (4) and cylinderblock (1), has an alignment device for its members with at least twoguiding elements, and that the members (2, 29, 4, 1) are assembled in adirection, which is substantially parallel to the guiding elements.

Inventors: Svendsen; Morten (R.o slashed.dekro, DK), Iversen; Frank Holm (Padborg, DK)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013