Patent Number: 6,305,920

Title: Nonwoven fibrous product forming apparatus

Abstract: An apparatus for forming a nonwoven fibrous web wherein the web contains atleast one binder fiber and at least one support fiber. The apparatuscomprises a mixer for creating a homogeneous mixture of the fibers, aconveyor for transporting the resulting fiber mixture to a shaker chute,an oscillating mechanism which acts on the fiber mixture, a depositingmechanism for depositing the fiber mixture onto a horizontal planarsurface, a heater for heating the mixture to a temperature to fuse thebinder and support fibers, and a cooling mechanism to cool the mixtureafter heating.

Inventors: Kean; James H. (Boulder, CO), Kean; Tod M. (Chandler, AZ), Williams; Kenneth R. (Landenberg, PA)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013