Patent Number: 6,305,945

Title: Multiple power adapter interface apparatus

Abstract: A multiple power adapter interface apparatus for allowing the user toattach essentially any type of trailer to the power adapter interfaceapparatus without having to splice wires. The multiple power adapterinterface apparatus includes a mounting bracket for mounting to a vehicle;and also includes one or more electrical terminals securely mounted to themounting bracket and each having a plurality of connecting members forconnecting to a plug of an electrically-operated device with the one ormore electrical terminals also having second connecting members forconnecting to a plug of a power source; and further includes a bracketmember depending from the one or more electrical terminals; and alsoincludes at least one electrical outlet securely mounted to the bracketmember; and further includes at least one cover member being hingedlyattached to the bracket member and being coverable upon the at least oneelectrical outlet; and also includes a plurality of wires connected to theat least one electrical outlet and being adapted to be connected to apower supply.

Inventors: Vance; Kenneth M. (Gary, WV)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013