Patent Number: 6,305,961

Title: EMI gasket for connector assemblies

Abstract: An EMI gasket is provided for installing about a generally rectangularmating plug portion of a connector defined by opposite minor sides andopposite major sides. The gasket is generally rectangular to defineopposite minor sides and opposite major sides thereof corresponding to theminor and major sides, respectively, of the mating plug portion. The EMIgasket, in an unstressed condition, has a generally bow-tie configurationwith the major sides thereof bowed inwardly. Therefore, the major sides ofthe gasket are biased against the major sides of the plug portion when thegasket is installed on the plug portion.

Inventors: Szilagyi; B. Daniel (Naperville, IL), Ernst; Scot A. (Plainfield, IL), Grois; Igor (Northbrook, IL)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013