Patent Number: 6,305,964

Title: Locking device for locking an edge card to an electrical connector

Abstract: A locking device for securing an edge card to an electrical connectorcomprises a U-shaped locking portion and a pair of second locking portionsformed at either end of the electrical connector. The first lockingportion includes a locking body and two clips perpendicularly extendingfrom the locking body. A connecting portion between the locking body andcorresponding clip forms a pair of ribs defining a receiving spacetherebetween. Each clip includes two resilient arms having two outwardlyprojecting barbs at a free end thereof. The second locking portions eachcomprises a U-shaped guiding channel extending upward from a top face ofthe electrical connector, and a pair of holes being defined on oppositesides of the connector housing below the guiding channel. The resilientarms are pressed oppositely so that they can be downwardly inserted intothe guiding channel. Two upper corners of the edge card are securelyreceived within the receiving space of the first locking portion.

Inventors: Pon; Wenfu (Tao-Yuan, TW), Lai; Ming-Chun (Shin-Juang, TW)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013