Patent Number: 6,305,966

Title: Circuit board retainer

Abstract: Two opposing connector catches are disposed on resilient stems at thebottom of a circuit board retainer. A frame is disposed between thecatches. The frame fits around the profile of a connector. The catchesslip over the ends of the connector and engage shoulders on the ends ofthe connector. Opposing upright members are coupled to the frame and thecatches. A circuit board is lowered between the upright members. Twoopposing board catches on the upright members engage corresponding notchesformed in the circuit board. To disassemble the circuit board from theretainer, the upright members are bent away from one another to disengagethe board catches from the notches. To disassemble the retainer from theconnector, the upright members are bent toward one another to disengagethe connector catches from the shoulders.

Inventors: Arbogast; Porter Rodgers (Ft. Collins, CO), Roesner; Arlen L (Ft. Collins, CO), Searby; Tom J (Ft. Collins, CO), Dean; Ronald P (Ft. Collins, CO)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013