Patent Number: 6,305,968

Title: Terminal hardware for flat-type conductor and a method of making a terminalconductor

Abstract: Terminal hardware for a flat-type conductor is provided which can provide ahigh contact pressure between the terminal hardware and the conductor anda superior holding power against a tension tending to separate theterminal hardware from the conductor. At a terminal end of the flat-typeconductor, the conductor is exposed on an upper surface. A base plate isformed to extend from a rear end of the terminal hardware, and a top plateis provided so as to face the base plate and be capable of being openedand closed. A pair of crimping portions are provided at opposite sideedges of a rear end of the base plate. Further, both the base plate andthe top plate have undulating portions, respectively. The terminal end ofthe flat-type conductor is inserted between the base plate and the topplate. The pair of crimping portions pierces the insulation sheet of theflat-type conductor from one side toward the other. Then, the terminal endof the flat-type conductor is sandwiched between the base plate and thetop plate from both of the upper and lower surfaces, and is compressed. Atthe same time, the pair of the crimping portions is crimped. Accordingly,a portion of the flat-type conductor where the conductor is provided isbent and sandwiched between the base plate and the top plate contacts theconductor.

Inventors: Hio; Masahide (Yokkaichi, JP), Okada; Hajime (Yokkaichi, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013