Patent Number: 6,305,978

Title: Low profile mini coaxial cable connector

Abstract: A low profile mini coaxial cable connector 100 includes a contact set 10, acable set 20, a grounding plate 30 a dielectric housing 40 and a metalshell 50. The contact set 10, the cable set 20 and the grounding plate 30are fixedly accommodated in the housing 40 and the metal shell 50 enclosesthe housing 40. The metal shell 50 has two grounding tabs 513 electricallycontacting the grounding plate 30. The metal shell 50 has an upper flap51, a lower flap 52 and two side flaps 54, which extend from the upperflap 51 and which do not engage with but whose lower edges 541 are flushwith side edges 523 of the lower flap 52. The housing 40 forms two buds418 on two side surfaces thereof and each of the two side flaps 54 of themetal shell 50 defines a notch 517 which fixedly engages with acorresponding bud 418 of the housing 40 thereby reliably maintaining themetal shell 50 on the housing 40 and developing adequate normal forcebetween the grounding tabs 513 and the grounding plate 30.

Inventors: Ko; David Tso-Chin (Thousand Oaks, CA), Chandrasekhar; Rajagopalan (Huntington Beach, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013