Patent Number: 6,305,979

Title: Lower profile micro connector assembly

Abstract: A micro coaxial cable connector assembly for contacting with a matingelectrical connector includes a front and a rear housing members, a cableset with a number of cables, and a number of contacts. The front and rearhousing members are efficiently and durably retained together by thecooperation between a pair of channels and corresponding latch portionsthereof and by the interference fit of first retention sections and secondretention sections of the contacts within a number of grooves and thepassageways of the front and rear housing members, respectively. The cableset consists of juxtaposed cables each having at least a signal segmentand a grounding segment, and a grounding bar formed by two plates solderedto the grounding segments of the cables. Each passageway of the rearhousing member is equipped with an orientating device for convenience insoldering the signal segment of the cable to the tail section of thecorresponding contact. The front housing member includes improvedstructure that reliably urges and partially encloses contact sections ofthe contacts, thereby protecting the contact sections and ensuring secureengagement of the contact sections with contact elements of a matingconnector.

Inventors: Ko; David (Tso-Chin, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013