Patent Number: 6,305,980

Title: Cable end connector having accurately positioned connection terminaltherein

Abstract: A cable end connector includes a dielectric housing (10), a terminal (30)received in the housing, a shell (50) shielding the housing, and aretainer (60) attached to the shell for holding a coaxial cable (70)therein. The housing includes a tubular portion (20) and a base portion(40) engaged with the tubular portion. The base portion includes aplatform (433) projecting from a top surface thereof and a pair ofretaining walls (45) projecting along two sides thereof. Each retainingwall defines a groove (453) therein. The terminal has a mating portion(33) supported on said platform and a tail portion (31) secured in thegrooves. The shell has a trunk portion (51) enclosing the tubular portionof the housing, and a planar portion (53) connected to the trunk portionfor supporting the base portion of the housing.

Inventors: Ko; David Tso-Chin (Thousand Oaks, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013