Patent Number: 6,306,018

Title: Grinding methods and apparatus

Abstract: The time to grind a workpiece can be reduced by selecting a grinding wheelwhose width is not substantially greater than wheel strengthconsiderations require, and which may therefore be less than the axiallength fo the region to be ground providing a work rest or work steady toincrease the workpiece stiffness if required, and performing a successionof plunge grinding steps so as to grind the whole of the said axialregion. Typically the grinding wheel is an electroplated CBN wheel, andthe width of the grinding wheel selected is the narrowest permissiblegiven the desired feed rate and motive power available. A grinding machineis disclosed comprising a wheelhead having mounted thereon a grindingwheel whose width is not substantially greater than that dictated bystructural and strength requirements, programmable indexing means toenable the relative positions of the wheelhead and workpiece to beadjusted in a sequence of steps to achieve a sequence of plunge grinds,which may or may not overlap, to enable a region of the workpiece to beground, the axial extent of which is greater than the width of the wheel,and wheel feed means and control means by which the feed rate iscontrolled, whereby the wheel feed rate is similarly programmable toenable a feed rate to be achieved which is limited only by the peak andRMS power capabilities of the wheel spindle drive motor, so that the rateof material removal is as high as is compatible with the powercapabilities of the machine during each plunge, thereby optimising thetotal cycle time for grinding.

Inventors: Coverdale; Stephen Roger (Shipley, GB), Laycock; Michael (Keighley, GB)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013