Patent Number: 6,306,028

Title: Head meat recovery

Abstract: Apparatus for recovering meat from the head of a slaughtered animal. A jaw support clamps and supports the head by clamping the jaw. Cheek pullers having clamps engage with and hold the cheeks of the animal head in the vicinity of the mouth. A drive arrangement has a lateral drive for moving the cheek pullers outwardly away from each other and has a posterior drive for moving the cheek pullers in the posterior direction so as to pull tissues from both the jaw and the skull. A jaw separation means comprises a snout ring to be fitted to the snout of the skull and a drive moves the snout ring so as to move the skull relative to the jaw with an at least partially arcuate path of movement so as to continue to open the mouth wider as or after the cheek meat is removed from the animal head.

Inventors: White; Raymond Malcolm (Capalaba, AU), Finney; Andrew Leslie (Crestmead, AU), Ross; Michael George (Mooloolaba, AU)

Assignee: The Commonwealth of Australia Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization

International Classification: A22B 5/00 (20060101); A22C 017/02 (); A22B 005/16 ()

Expiration Date: 10/23/2018