Patent Number: 6,307,129

Title: Herbicide tolerant plants, plant tissue or plant cells having alteredprotoporphyrinogen oxidase activity

Abstract: The present invention provides novel eukaryotic DNA sequences coding fornative protoporphyrinogen oxidase (protox) or modified forms of the enzymewhich are herbicide tolerant. Plants having altered protox activity whichconfers tolerance to herbicides are also provided. These plants areengineered for resistance to protox inhibitors via mutation of the nativeprotox gene to a resistant form or they are transformed with modifiedeukaryotic or prokaryotic protox coding sequences or wild type prokaryoticprotox sequences which are herbicide tolerant. Plant genes encodingwild-type and altered protox, purified plant protox, methods of isolatingprotox from plants, and methods of using protox-encoding genes are alsodisclosed.

Inventors: Ward; Eric R. (Basel, CH), Volrath; Sandra (Durham, NC)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013