Patent Number: 6,307,148

Title: Compound semiconductor solar cell and production method thereof

Abstract: An indium layer and a copper layer, and whenever necessary, a gallium layeror a gallium-alloy layer, are laminated on an electrode film formed on oneof the surfaces of a substrate to form a metallic film. The metallic filmis then subjected to sulfurization treatment or selenization treatment toform a p-type semiconductor layer made of "CuInS.sub.2 or CuInSe.sub.2 "or "Cu(In, Ga)S.sub.2 or Cu(In, Ga)Se.sub.2 ". This p-type semiconductorlayer is subjected to KCN treatment, for removing impurities such ascopper sulfide, copper selenide, etc., by a KCN solution, and an n-typesemiconductor layer is formed on this p-type semiconductor layer to form asolar cell. In this instance, the indium layer is formed under heating, oris heat-treated by heat-treatment while the surface of the indium layer isexposed.

Inventors: Takeuchi; Kenji (Nagano, JP), Onuma; Yoshio (Nagano, JP), Ichikawa; Sumihiro (Nagano, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013