Patent Number: 6,307,149

Title: Non-contaminating lightning protection system

Abstract: This invention is directed towards a lightning prevention system that prevents lightning strikes by draining the ambient static charge before the electrical potential reaches the electrical breakdown point of the atmosphere. This invention suppresses the radiation of a secondary incoming radio wave (IRW) by reducing the electromagnetic interaction of an incoming IRW with components of this invention. To this end, this invention consists of a static charge dissipater and a grounding line. The static charge dissipater is a conductive tube that contains a large number of small diameter conductive wires that are partially inside the conductive tube. The single grounding line consists of an application appropriate length of small gauge wire. To prevent the radiation of a secondary IRW, ferrite beads are spaced equally along the grounding line at an application appropriate distance. The ferrite bead acts to break the effective electromagnetic length of the grounding wire into smaller segments such that the incoming IRW cannot resonate within the grounding line and thus cannot create a secondary IRW. The number of static dissipaters and grounding lines depends upon the individual structure or system being protected.

Inventors: Zini; Richard Ralph (Kennesaw, GA), Houston; William Carles (Dallas, GA), Bentley, Jr.; William Ferrel (Mableton, GA)

Assignee: FCC/Enforcement Bureau

International Classification: H02G 13/00 (20060101); H02G 013/00 ()

Expiration Date: 10/23/2018