Patent Number: 6,307,459

Title: Power switch device

Abstract: A switch structure comprises a control element, which comprises an alloypiece and a swing contact device. The alloy piece includes an actuatingpiece with a convex part, which has a upper side normally pushing thelower surface of the end part in the swing contact device so that theactuating piece ejects outwards and escapes from the end part when thealloy piece is overheated because of the current flowing through thereinoverloaded. Therefore, the end part falls down due to no support force andthe head part of the swing contact device deforms upwards and does notpress on the elastic contact piece. The elastic contact piece is releasedfrom the pressing of the swing contact device to eject upwards. Two jointsconnected in an electric loop are tripped. The object of rapid response,cutting power source, and safety is therefore achieved.

Inventors: Yu; Tsung-Mou (Panchiao, Taipei, TW)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013