Patent Number: 6,307,460

Title: Power switch device

Abstract: A power switch device includes a switch box with a button pivotallyconnected thereto which is pivotally connected to an actuating member. Anengaging member is movably connected to the actuating member and removablyengaged with a block. A head connected to the actuating member movablycompresses a conduct plate so that when the conduct plate contacts aterminal plate, the circuit is closed. A bimetal plate connected to theterminal plate has a pushing end contacting the engaging member so thatwhen the current is overloaded, the pushing end is thermally deformed topush the engaging member away from the block and the engaging member dropsdue to gravity. The head is then lifted to release the conduct plate fromthe terminal plate to open the circuit.

Inventors: Yu; Tsung-Mou (Panchiao, Taipei, TW)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013