Patent Number: 6,307,900

Title: Method and apparatus for recovering digital data by employing asynchronousdata sampling techniques

Abstract: A digital data detection system, equipped with an interpolation apparatus,for generating decoded data by detecting information stored on a magneticstorage medium by interpolating sampled data using a phase differencesignal and an interpolation coefficient is provided. The digital datadetection system includes a magnetic storage medium, an analog signalacquisition circuit, a pre-amplifier, an A/D converter, an interpolationcircuit, an equalizer filter, a data decoder, and a phase error detector.The interpolation circuitry includes an accumulation block, a filtercoefficient generation block, a HOLD signal generation block, and aninterpolator. The interpolation circuitry generates interpolated datausing a phase error signal and an interpolation coefficient provided froma MCU (Main Control Unit).

Inventors: Choi; Byung-Bong (Seoul, KR)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013