Patent Number: 6,307,913

Title: Shaped source of soft x-ray, extreme ultraviolet and ultraviolet radiation

Abstract: A shaped plasma discharge system is provided in which a shaped radiationsource emits radiation at a desired frequency and in a desired shape. Inone embodiment, a laser source provides an output beam at a desiredintensity level to shaping optics. The shaping optics alters the outputbeam into a desired shaped illumination field. In an alternate embodiment,plural laser sources provide plural output beams and the shaping opticscan produce a compound illumination field. The illumination field strikesa target material forming a plasma of the desired shape that emitsradiation with a desired spatial distribution, at a desired wavelength,preferably in the x-ray, soft x-ray, extreme ultraviolet or ultravioletspectra. In another embodiment an electric discharge generates therequired shaped radiation field. The shaped emitted radiation proceedsthrough an optical system to a photoresist coated wafer, imprinting apattern on the wafer.

Inventors: Foster; Richard M. (Manhattan Beach, CA), Turcu; Edmond (Del Mar, CA), Sasian; Jose M. (Tucson, AZ), Rieger; Harry (San Diego, CA), Morris; James H. (Encinitas, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013